Since the inception of the FSS 2020 Programme, there has been a clearly stated direction from the Programme Governance to ensure that the target objectives are achieved using best practice methodologies. This approach has seen the entire membership of the Secretariat work hand in hand with the Enterprise Project Management Office EPMO of the Central Bank of Nigeria in providing the best training to our team within the FSS 2020 Secretariat.

Furthermore, the focus and thrust of the project is to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of the Transformation Programmes with quality of delivery being key criteria for success.

In view of the above, the FSS 2020 via the office of the Coordinator of the FSS 2020 Programme has engaged the services of a first class International Program Management Consultancy Firm- Africa Growth Development International Limited to work hand in hand with the Secretariat to give guidance in the best Programme Management Ethos towards achieving the vision of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


PMO Approach

The PMO Approach is based on a baselined interpretation of the FSS2020 Strategy Document which states the expected deliverables from each of the Sectors and the problem areas clearly defined. These form the basis of the Scope of the entire programme and this was further divided into Manageable work packages at a Sub-committee level. AGDI has an embedded team working daily with the FSS 2020 Secretariat to ensure that constant attention and focus are placed on the areas of priority with high impacting results for the Nigerian Economy.


Project Reporting

The PMO gives Highlight Reports and RAG (Red, Amber and Green) status Reports to the Programme Governance via the Office of the Director of the FSS 2020 Secretariat on a Monthly and Quarterly basis based on the key achievements and milestones achieved in the specific period under review.


Project Monitoring

Our team are focused on the monitoring of Programme Milestones and Initiatives to ensure that they are in line with the Transformation Programmes hitherto identified and benchmarked for each Sector of the Nigerian Economy. In carrying out this function, the PMO ensures that there is no Scope Creep within the various Sectors and Implementing Institutions led initiatives.


Risk Monitoring

There is a RAID Log opened for the Programme where Risks, Actions, Issues and Dependencies are highlighted periodically to the Programme Governance for intervention and mitigation. This RAID Log gives a high level view of issues that may impede the achievement of Programme objectives whilst enumerating the corresponding mitigation actions that will alleviate the impact.


Measurements and Metrics

The PMO is working closely with the Head of the Strategy Implementation Group to ensure that the Acceptance Criteria for each deliverable by the various Sectors are in line with best practice and globally acceptable standards for measuring the success or lack thereof of the various initiatives. This is mostly presented as Graphs and Charts by the Monitoring and Evaluation enabler of the FSS 2020 Secretariat.


Overall Programme Health Check

Our ultimate objective as the Programme Management Office (PMO) is to ensure that the Programme is in a good position to achieve the target date set out from the onset. In achieving this, the Programme Health check is measured based on the following criteria:
i.    Budgetary provisions
ii.    Schedule Alignment
iii.    Benefit Realization
iv.    Resource Availability
v.    Change Management
vi.    Scope adherence

The Programme is on track to achieve its numerous targets and objectives even though the complexities of the Programme and it’s cross departmental Interdependencies within the Nigerian Government parastatals has been a challenge; the assiduity and proactive manner with which the FSS 2020 Family with guidance from the Central Bank has conducted it’s affairs provides us confidence that our objectives will be met in due course.